Presenting the Raceduino, a race controller for my 69 Mustang that will include RPM, time, acceleration, air/fuel ratio, exterior/interior temperature, and speed logging in addition to display of logged data, built-in practice tree, progressive nitrous control, nitrous bottle opener, purge & heater control, dial in indicator, and tachometer/shift light.

I've put together a diagram that shows everything I could think of integrating into the system, it's quite complex but I plan on building it in stages and slowly adding features, so this is really just an incorporation of everything I could think of cramming in.  For example the practice tree will probably end up being a standalone unit since it doesn't need any interaction with the central control system.

  • Practice tree with the ability to practice against the computer or another person similar to the Portatree 5200
  • Progressive nitrous control (RPM/Throttle Position/Time based) with automatic heater, purge and bottle opener similar to the NX Maximizer 3 but without the traction control.
  • Shift light/tachometer light bar
  • Display allows for menu display and configuration without a PC and ability to view logged data graphs
  • Serial out to PC allows for data transfer or the micro SD card can be removed for data transfer

Click on the image to get a closer look, the compression made it a little fuzzy but I think it's still readable!