Stuff Page

This page is somewhere to store random stuff I wasn't sure where else to put.

Here's a higher resolution version (click on it for max size) of my avatar if anyone would like to slap one on the side of their project!  Anyone is free to distribute/use it in a open-source/open-hardware environment.

People have been asking for pictures of my cars so I figured I'd post them here:

1969 Ford Mustang

In case people are interested: 427W Stroker motor, C4 Trans with reverse manual valve body, stock Ford 8" Rear with 3.55s. Dart block RHS heads Edelbrock Performer RPM cam & intake manifold, Holley 4150HP 950 CFM carb, 13.4:1 compression running 112 octane leaded gas.  Best run 12.03 @ 111.

Credit on the mustang photos goes to one of my friends:

1987 Porsche 924

Pretty much bone stock except for the stereo (Sony Xplod), does hit 241kph on the autobahn though, faster than the 215kph Porsche advertised back in 1987!

Credit on the 924 photos goes to my wife:

  You don't even want to know...